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Looking for some fun gifts and gear for the pickleball fans in your life?


I’m a pickleball player and graphic designer who keeps my eyes open for unusual and inexpensive pickleball-related products.


Below is a roundup of some affordable items my player friends and I are loving these days! 

Have a paddle idea you need designed? 
Let me know. 

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Travel is more fun & stylish with pickleball luggage tags.

Pick your favorite color tag to make your luggage stand out in a crowd. And maybe even start up a conversation with other players!

Pickleball Retriever.png

The biggest drag of pickleball is picking up the balls! 

This lightweight rubber gizmo fits on the end of most pickleball grips and makes it easy to pick up the pickleball without fully bending over. Made from durable rubber, handy to carry. No buttons, levers, or mechanisms!

PIckleball handle bands.png

Add a MYPadl rubber “banz” to customize your paddle.

A two-sided personalized band that easily fits on your paddle handle. It assists identifying "Who's up?" without negatively affecting the functionality and look of your paddle. I put my name on one side of my band, and DINK IT! on the other. 

Personalized Paisley Pickleball Paddle

My most popular double-sided pickleball paddle design.

Featuring a hand-wrapped grip and fiberglass & polypropylene honeycomb core, this lightweight paddle offers excellent feel and ample power for the competitive player.
One player told me she would put "VIPER!" as her word in the middle.

See my other paddle designs at
I also create custom designs working with you! Just contact me to start.

PIckleball necklace.png

Understated necklace that can be worn on the pickleball courts.

Choice of gold, silver or gold+silver pickleball charm. 925 Silver and 18K gold plated. Dainty pickleball is 8mm.


For the pickleball fanatic who works up a sweat.

Using a waffle double-sided woven structure, this fun blue towel’s microfiber material is softer, faster-drying, lighter, washable, durable, and more absorbent than cotton. The sturdy carabiner can be easily fixed to your pickleball bag to prevent towel loss.

The towel is 15.7" x 23.69".

Pickleball water tumbler in green

On-the-court hydration with attitude.

Holds 12 oz. of liquid in a sleek cylindrical stainless steel body. Sturdy plastic flip top helps prevent spills.

Pickleball YOURS visor.png

Pickleball humor: As the ball goes down the middle, it’s not mine, it’s YOURS.

Classic-style visor made with Eventure knit polyester, dries 3 to 4 times faster than cotton. Elastic back provides custom fit without any adjustments.

Pickleball YOURS tshirts.png

Keep your hands warm, your cans cold, and your pickleball spirit 100% chill.

When your match is over, you deserve an ice-cold soda or beer. This coozie is made of a special high-density material for extra insulation.


Will they actually wear these socks on the court? Maybe not, but the laugh will be worth it.

Add their face, a family member’s face, a friend’s face, your kid’s face, or even your dog’s face to make these pickleball socks one-of-a-kind. A designer at BoldSOCKS will cut out the face of your uploaded image, apply filters and match the skin tone of the picture.


“If you can’t stand the heat

then stay out of the kitchen!”

For home and BBQ chefs, a fun blue apron that reminds pickleball players why to stay out of the non-volley zone known as “the kitchen.”


This fun pickleball keychain is the key to a smile on your face.

This little keychain is like a secret handshake telling others in the know “I'm a pickler!” Circle shape is 2.25" in diameter on a silver-colored key chain.

Packaging your pickleball gift

Pickleball bag-back-and-front.png

They won’t throw away these quality gift bags

Made with premium quality paper for extra durability. Choice of matte or glossy finish. 

Dimensions: 7” l x 4.5” w x 10” •
Available in 3 additional sizes.

Pickleball wrapping paper

(3 different sheets)

Pickleball wrapping paper.png

Unique pickleball wrapping paper sheets

3 flat sheets, each 19" x 29"

These flat wraps are better than rolls of wrapping paper because they don't roll back on themselves. The convenient guideline grids on the back of each sheet allow you to effortlessly line up your gifts on them, and then make a perfect fold every time. Easy to store.

Find more pickleball graphics and designs
at Pickleball Stuff.

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