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You need a creative problem-solver with editorial and marketing skills, along with design savvy.
In an engaging visual way, I’ll help you tell the story of who you are, what you do, and why you’re unique. 

  • What separates you from a typical website designer?
    A lot of websites can be well designed. But not every designer helps you clarify who you are, what you do, and what your unique story is. And that’s where you should start your project, not picking out favorite fonts and colors. Most importantly, I plan to work with you closely and personally, from start to finish of our engagement. I work on only a select few projects at a time and will not delegate your project to other employees or templated solutions. All of my work is customized to sound and look like you and your business, no other. My design style emulates your style—over the years, I’ve created clean, muted sites and colorful, info-rich ones, aiming to appeal to both the target audience and the client. I am a good listener and writer and am expert at channeling my clients’ voices. The platform we choose is the one that works best with your needs and abilities. Perhaps as important as my personal touch is that I get things done. I have a bias towards completing a project in a timely fashion, working patiently and continuously to hit planned benchmarks and launch dates. Working together we will form a trusting collaboration that often goes beyond creating a logo or a website. While a website with your name on it is an excellent base, I can also help you tell your story in other media, such as books, slideshows, videos, and social media. To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Who hires you?
    People often come to me after trying to create a website on their own and getting stopped at the earliest steps. They will tell me: I need to take this to the next level. Or I’m not a writer—how do I succinctly describe myself and my work? How do I figure out what kind of feeling I want my brand to evoke? Or How do I market myself?How do I communicate with an online audience? Who really is my target audience? We work together to answer these questions about your goals and audience. Once we have clarity, we can move forward confidently in writing and designing your story, whether it’s told via a brochure-style website, over a series of blog posts, in a book, slide presentations, videos, or social media.
  • How does your process work?
    Our collaboration starts with me finding out what results you’re hoping to get from telling your story. We will explore a series of questions—both broad and specific—to figure out the best way to get those results. Then there are the specifics around each medium. For instance, if we’re planning on building a website, it often entails many more features and functions than you imagine. A detailed planning form helps me understand you and your needs and will also give you a heads up as to the type of info and decisions you’ll need to provide as we begin building your website. I'll be here to help you through that process.
  • How much will it cost me?
    My fee is not a set one, but will depend on what you’re trying to achieve and how far along the path you’ve gone by yourself. For instance, some clients have finalized all their text by the time they come to me. Others need help getting started writing or editing it. Some have a good idea who their audience is; others really aren’t clear yet and we’ll need to do a competitive analysis. The bespoke websites I create for entrepreneurs start at $2,000 and can range up to $10,000. In the end, my fee will depend on the sophistication of what you want to put out in the world, and the agreed-upon scope of the project, which I will outline in a proposal.



An elegantly simple WordPress website for erudite author Philip Caputo. Redesigned annually to promote his latest book project.


Each of Phil’s 18 books gets its own showcase page, and the site hosts a variety of video and audio interviews.



This custom WordPress portfolio/blog was designed and copywritten by me for fine-art photographer Barbara Erdmann. The site was launched in 2012 with 30 or so special photos, and now has several hundred striking photos showcased on it.

ONLINE STORE is a Wix e-commerce site​ for sustainability consultant Jennifer Prescott. It features carefully curated pages of “green” products.

The store is the offshoot of Jen’s sustainable living advice-filled blog,, a separate multi-page WordPress site I designed.



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